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    Default Windows settings are contagious


    I have an odd problem. In my observatory I use US English because the software seems to like it that way. On my home computer I use my native language Swedish, with the at least for me more reasonable date format YYYY-MM-DD.

    The thing is that when i change the settings it kind of follows my login so if i change settings on one computer it also changes on the other. I have searched for a solution but finds only instructions on how to change language on a Windows computer, not any info about why settings necessarily should move to another computer. Everything is so smart nowadays!

    Anyone that know how to stop this annoying behavior? I could of course use English on all my computers but I don't feel at home with the American way o date (mm/dd/YY)

    This has not so much to do with ACP (except the lack of handling international date and time format ) but, well you guys might know something?

    Happy New Year
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