Hello All! New to this world of fun & frustration. Working my way thru the determination of Limiting Magnitude as suggested by the PinPoint - Read Me First information. Just looking at the Plate-solve runs for various exposure lengths. Some terms I don't understand so please reduce my stupidity:

ZeroPoint = 21.95 (1 sec.): Is this good? What is it? The Web definition left me scratching my head and saying to myself...."What?"
WCS: Roll = -10.61: I assume it means negative 10.61 degrees on the X-axis. True? If yes then which is the X-axis?
order = 4: The Root Mean Square (RMS) residual makes sense BUT what does order = 4 tell me? Is it a good number?

Lastly, where is the Limiting Magnitude listed on the Plate-solve report? The literature says it is listed but where is that little guy? Is ZeroPoint the same as Lim. Mag.?

Thanks much!