Hi all -- For the next week or two Stephanie and I will have additional responsibilities that may cause our response times to increase. My 87 year old step-mom has been living in Tucson (where she has lived for 30+ years). A couple of weeks ago she fell and broke her hip, had surgery, and she is now incapable of taking care of herself. She is in rehab in Tucson (200km and 2 hours away). We are moving her from Tucson up here to a close-by elevated care facility. The complexities of taking over care, adopting her little lap dog (who we now have, and he's a nice little Bichon) and getting her things and self moved up here an into the new place ... it will eat into our time to help and support you all. I hope you understand.

Once we get her settled, I should be able to complete and get ACP Expert 9 out to field test shortly thereafter.