Let's see if you can get more data tonight. ACP's handling of the AO is old mature code. There have been some AO problems that were addressed by Diffraction between MaxIm 6.11 and 6.27. Change to conventional guiding and acquire 2-3 images on different targets so you can see the star selection (if your guider field of view is large enough) and the automatic exposure adjustments. Do some on both sides of the meridian. Leave guider auto-dark etc off. Noting exotic. No reversal stuff in MaxIm. Also are you running the guider at binning of 1? There was a problem where binning the guider caused it so bork when it starts to track. If you can conventionally guide on "some images at different places", only then switch to the AO. Be sure to change the AO setting in ACP as well as the mode in the MaxIm camera settings. Now try to AO guide.

It looks like you're nearby, we may get monsoon this evening. It's hot as hell (again).