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    Default Adaptive Optics will not start up under ACP control


    I am trying to see all the key elements of ACP demonstrated for my observatory during trial mode. My last hurdle is to get adaptive optics working. I have my AO working well when I run Maxim DL in standalone mode. However, ACP control will not start the unit properly. I need some help to find out the issue. I set everything up as instructed in the "Autoguiding you Mount" section for ACP. I have tried it with and without "Auto-dark" checked in Maxim AO settings. The behavior I see is that under ACP control the locate exposure is taken at a short interval and therefore the guide star is not being located. When AO guiding begins, it is guiding on noise and does not have the star correctly identified. In Contrast, when I operate manually, I take a locate exposure at 1-2sec to identify the guide star position. I then immediately start tracking at the selected short interval and AO guiding begins immediately with the star.

    I am attaching a log file from a run I eventually aborted. Note There were a couple of times I stopped the AO manually while ACP was trying to start it. The mount was trying to bump on the noisy data and I just stopped guider. I was set up on a mag 7 guide star.

    Guider is a DIffraction Limited SC-3 and the Adaptive Optics unit is an AO-X

    Thanks, this is the last major hurdle I need to pass to go ahead and acquire a license.

    Greg Nelson

    After I posted I tried to get ACP to guide regularly. This failed as well. It appears that the guided image that ACP is requesting is a subset of the entire image and it therefore cannot find a star. I have attached the Manual image I took of the guide chip and the one that ACP asked Maxim to take for reference. This appears to also be the behavior when using the AO.
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