G'day Bob and all,

After running my ACP Windows 7 installation since 2013 and recently the added Sheduler engine, I look as though I've succesfully migrated everything to Windows 10.

So now, on this faster 64 bit machine, I now have ACP/Scheduler, MaximDL, QSI/Lodestar, FocusMax V4 and MaxDome running and since the 64bit version of SkyX came out early this year, I even bit the bullet and installed this for driving my ever reliable Paramount MX mount. I managed to bring 90% of all configs onto Windows 10 and surprised to have it all running in just under a day.

My only "fault" was a clicking sound on ACP when a browser was accessing the ACP - and this is the main reason I am writing this - I found it on this forum after running a search for clicking sound - might sound trivial but the sound was objectionable and after all the other complexities, I could not solve this one!!!

Anyway Bob, thanks again for this forum -its saved me again!!

cheers, Merv

... Now back to Astronomy