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Telescope is ACP->Driver for telescope connected through TheSky
There was a problem initializing the support library:
The telescope is not connected.

so this happened during the course of the evening? What do you mean "shutdown"? Whatever ACP observing plan is about to be run, this is a startup problem for that Plan. It has no idea (yet) that the Plan contains a #shutdown request. (I am guessing here, based on the "shutdown" that you mention). ACP is functional at this point, but it discovers that TheSky has disconnected the Paramount and so cannot proceed.

> no shutdown at request

I am not sure I understand... sorry Adam :-(
I will do more research on this next time there is an update. They are rare... which is why it is taking me a long time to
figure this out. Normal #shutdowns obviously warm the camera, park the telescope...etc. But... when there is a pending
Windows update- this doesn't happen. Next time... I will record the specific set of events. Please file this away as
virtual rumor and likely my error until I can get more info.