Well I'm no MaxIm log expert but the info appears to be what would be logged when ACP first connects to the camera, not later when it initializea the camera's state and checks if there are ReadoutModes and if so reads the list of ReadoutModes. I could be wrong on this... someone at Diffraction will know better... Maybe tie the time stamps with the ACP run log. This may be in local time.. ACP logs with UTC.

20:36:29.819 .ctor Starting initialization
20:36:29.819 .ctor Completed initialization
20:36:29.819 Connected Return False
20:36:29.826 Name FLI
20:36:29.826 Connected Return False
20:36:29.826 .ctor CurrentCamera = 'FLI', isConnected = False
20:36:29.826 Connected Return False
20:36:29.826 .ctor v. Software Development Library for Windows 1.104 - (6.2.7744.29362)
20:36:29.826 ChangeDevice DeviceInfo: 'flipro0'
20:36:29.828 Connected Return False
20:36:29.828 ChangeDevice Connecting current camera
20:36:29.828 Connected Set True
20:36:29.830 Connected Connecting to Device 'flipro0'
20:36:29.830 Connected Visible area: (36, 21) - (4132, 4117), W = 4096, H = 4096
20:36:29.832 ChangeDevice Opened: 'flipro0'
20:36:29.832 CameraXSize 4096
20:36:29.832 CameraYSize 4096