Thank you much. This thread is evolving so I will perpetuate the meandering. It is unfortunate how often the tail wags the dog. (To refer to Apple as a tail is ridiculous on my part) Conceptually I was very much excited by Apple's move to Apple Silicon. But, what is their first desktop release? It's an iMac with a 16g RAM ceiling. Well that is a complete non-starter for any serious general photographer (I would say equally so for astro-photographers). What are they doing over there? There are so many benefits of M1 but I am shocked by that release. Their priority is cuter, quieter, smaller.......admittedly all important, but their heart is revealed by what they choose to release. The mass market is their concern. I can't fault them. I would do the same. But this is a huge disappointment to those that follow this closely,.

Because you are an insider, SBIG is offering for many months their CMOS GSENSE4040 BSI. Yet I have not heard a thing. I have not seen one image posted. The competitors using this same chip have struggled considerably (most exemplified by the Kepler). And they're all using the FSI (I have seen some Moravian experiences shared which appear less problematic). So my question to you is what's been going on the the SBIG product? I am most interested in the BSI. This is such an important chip. In essence it was expected to dethrone the 16803 which has owned that chair for over a decade (the camera for those that have long focal length scopes that can deliver a wide field). So what's going on with your 4040?

I gather from your remarks regarding in-camera stacking for CMOS that this is something you regard as pivotal. It certainly makes such sense exactly for the explanation you gave, but in what circumstances would, say a 4040, call for sub exposure durations that are truly that short for DSO imaging? My question is actually more basic. Give me an example in DSO imaging where the conditions call for the stacking of ultra short images.

On that topic ACP, thanks to Bob, set up ACP to manage plate solving avoidance in just these circumstances. Lot's of versatility in ACP.