Richard: consider making a couple of changes to your settings:

1. Initial guide exposure interval of 1 second is probably too short. You want to be sure you get a guide star on the first try, 90% of the time. If your guide exposure range is 1-12 sec, try 3-4 seconds initially. It doesn't affect your eventual exposure time.

2. Maximum error during startup of 1 pixel is almost certainly too small. It will be trying to settle, so give it some room, maybe 3-4 pixels depending on your guider pixel scale. That's still a miniscule fraction of your guider box. If it's going to settle, it will settle even with a generous max startup error. And if calibration is off or if a guider calibration sign is wrong and it diverges, it will diverge run out of the guider box whatever the startup error allowance. In short, it doesn't affect your eventual guiding accuracy, it just gives your guider a bit of time to stabilize.