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    Default Live Test with AutoGuiding - But guiding wouldn't run.

    I tried to make a short live image test of LRGB at 120sec each NGC1931. First the good news, I got all the images LRGB and they are pretty much perfect even with out auto guiding running, and the wind blowing about 5 to 10MPH. My mount the PlaneWave L350 doesn't need a lot of auto guiding help. Factory recommendations say 8 -10 sec between corrections. For me thats a tad long I like to do 6 - 8 sec between corrections. But it seems that ACP didn't like any of the settings I had in Maxim for guiding. In any case at first it said it couldn't get a response back after 10sec. I went in and changed the setting to wait 3sec between exposures instead of 6. That seemed to make it work but then i couldn't get the numbers low enough to be happy. I looked a few times and it seemed to me that the guider error numbers in ACP weren't the same error numbers I was seeing in Maxim. I'll attach the log file and a picture of the screen. Other then that all seemed to run fine. I wonder if it doesn't know the correct guider pixel size or FOV?
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