Richard, I am just about finished with the Centerline filter wheel from MaxIm and ultimately FLI. Are you still using the ASCOM filter wheel and camera drivers? I am so confused between your issues and Gary Walker's by now. I've been on for multiple hours with both of you chasing FLI Centerline craziness. I think it was on your system Sunday that I looked at the list of filters and there were 9 or 10 of them listed? What the hell are 11 and 16??? I think these are raw numbers coming from the Centerline through MaxIm that are disconnected from the numbers that I get when asking MaxIm for the list of filters in the first place.

Why sis this craziness "just start" in the last few weeks? I now why Gary got zapped. He has a filter in "raw" slot 13 that is reported in the FilterList as 9. That disconnect drives my logic crazy! Is it 9 or 13??? He had never used that filter until last week and that set off the craziness. In your case, same craziness. I will call in again and look again, but I am 99% certain that MaxIm is returning filters with numbers in FilterList that are different from the number you get after selecting a filter and then later reading it back. I am not about to implement a system for maintaining two separate filter/number lists!!

Looking at your logs I am 99% certain that SII and OIII are not in the positions that they are in the filter list coming from MaxIm. There is a "gap" in there. and I have no way to know what physical positions they occupy. All I have to go on is the CCDCamera.FilterList. I count filters using that.

I know you are busy so let me know when I can call in and validate my 99% suspicion.