Gary this is not at all related to the filter wheel problem. Not at all. I am struggling to work both of these problems and mixing them will make it really tough. I don't want to write the complicated explanation again. It is a filter wheel driver problem. The two of you got zapped differently bt doe to the same problem. Now you have a filter wheel that simply doesn't work at all (it never shows up as a COM/"flifli" port even after power cycling). Please keep going with the missing Filter Wheel in the other thread. I can't multiplex between multi-topic multi-threads ha ha. Thanks!!!

Richard I'm sorry to move this to the ACP support section (to take responsibility for it). I forgot you aren't a real customer (yet) and don;t have access to the premium/paid support sections. I have moved it to the Pre-Sales section along with the other filter wheel problem. We need to address this plan compiler problem separately from the filter wheel issues. I will try to call again. Something scorched the Plan compiler Another bizarre issue.