Hello Bob and Richard

I am seeing this line in your text: "00:11:03 Selecting filter SII from previous ACP run at 20210228@234406 UTC"

Do you normally use the SII filter? The reason I ask, is I too have a Centerline that is giving problems, and in my acp console output, I get a line that says: "
00:11:03 Selecting filter SG from previous ACP run at 20210228@234406 UTC--However while I have an SG filter(Sloan G), I have never used it. My date and times are a little different, but that is expected. Could this be the same problem that I am having Bob? BTW: I have an email into FLI and the power cycle did not help. I do not accept any windows 10 updates, so unless they get forced without my permission, I don;t accept them nor do I have them.