That's weird. Have you contacted FLI? Maybe they have a series of steps to take. Note that after installing the camera driver update we were successful in taking images including filter switches, etc. The other "Software kit" was already installed (that specific version) and we only ran that for repair. When the wheel dropped out was after I deleted the SI filter from MaxIm filter list slot 15. I can't imagine why that would cause the wheel to stop responding. Coincidental USB cable? Reboot the entire PC?

At least we discovered the problem caused by the difference between the filter numbers going in and coming out of MaxIm's CCDCamera.Filter (the currently selected filter) property. I was able to reliably run and select filters at Richard Asarisi's observatory, but I cannot remember if there were gaps in the filter list as seen from MaxIm there. Eventually we first need to get the "Latest drivers" installed (which may in fact be installed as we could see the ASCOM FLI Filter Driver, but the wheel is not showing in the driver's setup list).

The first thing to solve is getting the wheel to show up at all, in either the original driver or in the ASCOM filter wheel's setup window. Then try to get the filter wheel to show up in the FLI ASCOM Filter Wheel driver's setup box. Based on what I was at Richard's site, the ASCOM driver might solve the problem, but then there may be no gaps in the raw list and the problem may be in MaxIm itself.

If you run into a wall I'll start a thread on the MaxIm forum. The problem I have is as I see the filters from the viewpoint of the MaxIm API. With the old 2008 FLI MaxIm plugin there is a disconnect between the list of filters I get (FilterList which is correct) and the number of the currently selected filter (Filter), with the latter reporting the "raw" number not the same number as reported for the filter in the FilterList. This is clearly a FLI filter wheel plugin error. It remained hidden until you first used the SI filter in MaxIm slot 14) ACP slot 13, and on the next run ACP tried to restore the last-used filter, which it saved using the filter number 13, but which MaxIm reported to be #9 in the filter list. It's crazy and that's why it took me so long to zero in on the problem.