I presently have the FLI camera and Filter wheel setup using the FLI ASCOM drivers. I notice a few things here, first off when I start up the camera window in MaximDL and try to connect to the camera it says its not setup right. If I go in to the ascom properties indeed it doesn't show any camera selected. If I exit out of the camera Ascom properties then go back in lo and behold now its there. Same thing with the filter wheel. Now ACP will run and take the image, but then is throws out this error.
Ready for test (# 1 of 1 in set 1)
Selecting L filter (0) for imaging
Doing auto-center...
(taking 30 sec. exposure, G filter, binning = 4)
(using 8 MHz readout mode)
(starting [RBI] + exposure)
(exposure complete)
(exposure complete and image downloaded)
**Script Error (Tracking has been stopped)**
Source: PinPoint.Plate
Message: The value is out of range.: ArcsecPerPixelHoriz
Location: line 1533 column 33.