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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin Haig View Post
    MaxIm supports Configurations. It allows you to setup everything as you want it, and preserve those settings. Then later you can load the Configuration you want.
    You can find this under File... Configurations.

    You might create 3 configurations:

    Then load the one you need.

    There is also an upgrade to MaxIm DL Pro called MaxIm DL Maestro that allows you to launch MaxIm with a command line option to pick a different configuration. There are other capabiliities for running multiple simultaneous instruments, but that's a bit beyond the scope of what you're trying to do.

    Hi, yes - I am aware of configurations within MaximDL, but unsure how ACP would know which one to use (without manually changing the configuration on the observatory computer within MaximDL). I wan't to avoid remoting into it if I can.

    Maestro looks interesting, but there again would still leave the same question on the ACP side.

    ...(looking into it more - there maybe a way of applying a start up script to switch the configuration...will look into that).

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