Hi again, John, Bob.

Looks good now!! I have only two comments. My preference for the width of the image is to be a lot less, and so I set mine at 450. Your preference, John, is wider at 700. I suppose it's okay to suggest that users can edit that (those, including the default ht) for their own preference. I certainly would do that. But not everyone will want to or be able to. I guess it's not a good idea to make that default something the users enters in an input box - especially since the tiddler does not stop to wait for input!

The other comment is that I've made my default ht equal to the default wd. This gives three possible outcomes for the picture - no telescope/no camera = square 30' image at the default RA/Dec; telescope/no camera = square 30' image at the telescope's RA/Dec; and telescope/camera = correctly proportioned image at the telescope RA/Dec.