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It looks to me like the Aladin API does not allow specifying the FOV in both directions, thus creating only a square image. However, the <div> in the body of the script can be modified to make a rectangular image, which actually masks the vertical dimension instead of compressing it. Here's what mine looks like. The 450 and 305 are in the same ratio as my camera's X and Y pixel dimensions:

<div id="aladin-lite-div" style="width:450px; height:305px;"></div>

That gives this image:


The existing code already adapts to the X-pixels dimension. The question is whether the div's "style" can be constructed as a variable, so that what's 305 above could actually be computed relative to the 450 depending on the Y-pixels relative to the X-pixels.

There are other Aladin parameters that can get rid of any of the icons/buttons appearing in the image, too.

This is really useful. Where do you make that change?
I assumed it wasn't within the Tiddler i.e.
<<slider "" "Pictorial Camera Field Info" Details "Citation and usage info">><HTML>
<table width="96%" style="border:none;margin:1px;background:transparent"><iframe id="aaladinlite" src="/ac/aaladinlite.asp" width="100%" height="0" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency style="border:none;"></iframe></table></html>
<<RefreshIFrame "Recenter on Scope Field" "Move display back to scope coordinates">>