Hi John, Bob,

Thank you for the credit, but actually, you (Bob) wrote this display item five years ago. The code is in aaladinlite.asp. We recently talked about a different display item I wrote called "Telescope Aimpoint" that is similar to Pictorial Camera Field but instead plots the stars extracted from the currently used catalog in a 30' square FOV.

John, if the camera and telescope are connected, then Pictorial Camera Field picks up the actual camera's FOV (x-direction) and uses it to produce the image (which still will be square). That is, it will be as wide as your camera FOV is. It may not be possible to make it match the FOV in both dimensions. You can still use the mouse and mouse wheel to zoom in/out and pan. If they are not connected, then the dimensions default to 30' and you can still zoom and pan.