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    Default Pinpoint Registration Not

    Just purchased ACP Expert. I received 2 registrations along with the email explanation for that. Both Scheduler and ACP Obs accepted the 2nd registration number successfully. I neglected to even attempt the Pinpoint registration until now. I am using the Pinpoint registration Applet. However it will not accept the registration. I even used both registration numbers. As well, I modified the date to that which was shown in the registration email. Everything appears to be running perfectly, however. But everything I am doing with the software is utilizing simulators exclusively.

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    You do not need to register PinPoint. It is included with ACP Expert.

    The two registrations you got were (1) the immediate auto-generated one from the Software Store and (2) the one coming from Stephanie's Customer Support system when she enrolls you here for the Comm Center etc. The two licenses may differ due to the date being a day different. The second one from Stephanie's system contains much more detailed info so you can ignore the first one. Just use the second detailed one's info.
    -- Bob

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    Thanks as always



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