Remote Desktop Connection stopped working (temporarily) after installing KB4598242.
I'm sharing this as a "heads up" - Hopefully you won't have this issue.

I use RD to get to my remote observatory.
KB4598242 installed while I was trying to get windows to search for an updated device driver for my video capture device.
This was unexpected - I usually pause updates until I've run them on the test machine.

The net result was I could not log into the machine after the KB4598242 installed and the machine rebooted.

Remote Desktop Connection would take the password, but would then just go back to the prompt where you enter the computer name. No error, no message indicated problem authenticating.

I let it sit. I power cycled the machine. I let it sit. After about 30 minutes it started behaving again.

The good news is it is working now; and since this observatory is close by, so I could have gone to see if I could fix it in person if I had to. If it was across the planet, not sure.

Maybe I was just unlucky.

Release Date: January 12, 2021

Version: 2004-OS Build 19041.746 and 20H2-OS Build 19042.746