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Hello Blaine --

MaxIm DL is used by ACP to provide access to cameras and their filter wheels, as well as guiding. Even after all of these years, the camera makers haven't adopted the universal ASCOM interfaces. PHD is a great guiding tool but so is MaxIm. Of course older cameras like pre-Diffraction SBIG units won't ever have ASCOM access. CCDAP uses proprietary connectivity to TheSky or MaxIm for camera control. ACP uses proprietary connectivity only to to MaxIm for camera control. If you are interested in why we don't also support TheSky for camera control I'd be happy to discuss it offline but in the end it's not that important. We use MaxIm for Camera, Guiding, and filters.

What I'm more interested in is what you want to accomplish. I'd be happy to talk to you by phone or video call and go over your requirements. I want happy customers!!
Thanks for reply, I am starting to look around to replace my SBIG STL 11000 CCD with CMOS, and noticed that there is a lack of "common" drivers by some (maybe all) of the vendors. Also I am trying to find a dome vendor with good automation...The list goes on... Oh well, the roads to the site will not be done till June.
Once I decide on a camera vendor I'll check back in.