Ya this is going to be an interesting problem. Right now the No-ip get me to the real IP address of the ISP but without a port forward there is no way to get outside access to the web server running on the ACP web server. Frankly i'm surprised this hasn't come up previously because more and more ISP's will not provide a static external IP for customers without a extra cost or they reserve that option strictly for business accounts. Hmmm just had a thought as I type this out. I wonder is open VPN might be a solution. Just like at work I can VPN from home and now my computer connects like a computer in the office. Maybe a personal VPN connection using open VPN might provide a means of connecting to the observatory network behind the cellular modem. I've seen routers advertise open VPN included and people talking about using the router VPN service. I never saw a need for it but maybe this is something that will need some exploration.