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Blaine thank you!!!

I just looked at this and it appears interesting!!! Todd if you try this let us know here.

Blaine -- I'm amazed to see you here since your licenses are from 14 years ago :-)
I am moving my observatory to a dark site in eastern Washington. There is a cell tower near by so I can get connected. I was pulling my hair out until I found ngrok. You need to get paid version $60/yr.
I'm still in testing mode, but hope to have the bugs worked by May this year. Also looks like StarLink may workout, but I have not got my hands on it. That will give me two way to get to the systems. Looks like I may have to up upgrade to the new ACP!!!

The old Paramount ME is still working fine. Does the new ACP (to me) still play nice with The SkyX and PlanWave?