I'm having problem where ACP is disabling orbital tracking in between subs in the midst of an imaging plan. The log I'm looking at now shows this happening when the filter changes from Red to Green. I believe I've also seen this happen when there is a refocus between plan observations with no filter change. Here's an example from a log captured last night where orbital tracking disabled at 5:33:49 (below). Note that there were three observations in the imaging plan, one each for Red, Green, and Blue. The plan shows orbital tracking on via the check box as seen in the schedule browser. When captured, Red had orbital tracking on, Green and Blue did not.

Any ideas on how I can resolve this? Mount is an AP1600 AE with GTOCP4.



05:27:08 Imaging to CT C-2019 Y4-S001-Red-R005-300-2-20200324-052708
05:27:08 (taking 300 sec. exposure, Red filter, binning = 2)
05:27:08 (using 1 MHz (RBI Flood) readout mode)
05:27:08 (starting [RBI] + exposure)
05:33:09 (exposure complete)
05:33:28 (exposure complete and image downloaded)
05:33:28 Calibrating image...
05:33:30 Image finished
05:33:47 Plate-solve CT C-2019 Y4-S001-Red-R005-300-2-20200324-052708 final image.
05:33:47 1078 image stars found
05:33:48 553 catalog stars found
05:33:49 Solved! 197 stars matched.
05:33:49 Average residual is 0.42 arcsec.
05:33:49 Pointing error is 1.046 arcmin @ angle 72.03
05:33:49 True focal length is 2585.3 mm.
05:33:49 True binned plate scales (arcsec/pix): H = 1.43 V = 1.43
05:33:49 True image center (J2000): 08h 52m 41.6s 68� 07' 18.30"
05:33:49 Imager sky position angle is 179.1 deg.
05:33:49 Image FWHM is 4.6 arcsec (3.21 pixels)
05:33:49 (avg FWHM = 5.13 arcsec)
05:33:49 [flip check: Tn=0s HAc=5216s GW=T HAz=5219s DWz=T WF=no]
05:33:49 Re-slew to target.
05:33:49 (stop orbital tracking)
05:33:49 Start slew to CT C/2019 Y4...
05:33:50 (wait for slew to complete)
05:33:54 (slew complete)
05:33:55 [flip check: Tn=-300s HAc=5221s GW=T HAz=4925s DWz=T WF=no]
05:33:55 Imaging to CT C-2019 Y4-S001-Green-R001-300-2-20200324-053355
05:33:55 Switching from Red to Green filter for imaging
05:33:55 Focus change of -4 steps required
05:34:06 (taking 300 sec. exposure, Green filter, binning = 2)
05:34:06 (using 1 MHz (RBI Flood) readout mode)
05:34:06 (starting [RBI] + exposure)
05:40:06 (exposure complete)
05:40:30 (exposure complete and image downloaded)
05:40:30 Calibrating image...
05:40:33 Image finished