Didn't see anything in task scheduler

Spoke to Primaluce and they initially felt it was the power supply.
They noted others had reported this same phenomenon.

But I pointed out, I was NOT using their supply but had my own.
To be certain I substituted the power supply and saw no change.

Primaluce concluded the computer has a dying part and well you need a new one.
Rather disappointing considering its only a year and a half old.

The restart was only at night and typically in the coldest part of the night. Sometimes twice in a row.

Since there are NO computers available anyplace right not, and since this concept is super effective, meaning
with all the USB ports, and the unit bolted to the telescope, all USB hubs are gone, well all but one.

I actually had to run a USB cable down to the floor to have communicaitons with the dome controller, mount and
Boltwood. That USB hub has been reliable. knock on wood.

In any event the number of cables in the remote obs is WAY down as a result.

The only bad part about the Primaluce is they refuse to write an ASCOM driver for the power ports, what a waste.
So, I have to run a power cable up to feed the computer and a separate one for the rest of the gear. I've asked
them until I'm blue in the face, they just don't get it and won't do it.

So in the mean time, see my thread in the Scheduler forum on how to relaunch ACPS automatically after a restart.