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    Default Question about guiding directives


    In directives reference I can see #AUTOGUIDE
    Is there an inverse directive, to force an unguided image?
    I want to take random sky images but don want to waste time in finding usable guide stars...


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    The easiest thing to do, if you are just running a few plans, is to disable autoguiding - in ACP/Preferences/Guiding tab, uncheck the box next to "Enable auto-guiding". Or you can set the "Max. unguided exposure interval:" in the next line to some enormously large number of seconds.
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    Geert - is this related to taking dawn / dusk flats ?

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    Hello Coling.
    The images I am taking are some kind of flats, but at same conditions of my ligths (just the same method used by professional observatories).
    I already did this and have better results than with dusk/dawn flats, the ony drawback is that I must sacrifice some dark time to accomplish them.
    Note that the dusk/dawn flats script provided by ACP works perfectly, and used it for many years.


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    Thank you Dick

    I will try the seccond option.




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