Dear All!

A computer failure has caused complete new installation of various software to control a Paramount ME.
Currently I am only able to control the Paramount ME („PME“) by TheSky6 („TS6“).
Before having the mentioned computer failure I was able to use ACP (and also MaxIm) for my PME.

This is installed:
Windows 7 (32bit)
MaxIm 6.18 (also MaxIm 5.12 is still available)
ASCOM Platform Version 6.5
ACP Telescope Hub (ASCOM)
ACP Version 5.1 (with hotfix 11)

After starting TS6 and selecting Telescope API as Telescope I press „settings“ the „ASCOM Telescope Chooser“ appears.
But what have I to select...?
The present ACP Telescope Hub with Properties leads me to ACP and there I get stucked, as again the ASCOM Telescope Chooser


What am I doing wrong?
Is there something missing?