Dear Dick,
Thanks for the encouragement and the additional advice. I will try ACP in a couple of hours. This afternoon, I did not get the 500 message and there were ?'s and, yes, they indicated below the horizon as you said. So maybe that problem is solved which would be nice.

As to Focusmax, yes, I did see the FocusMax Hub option that you showed in your screenshot after clicking on the ellipsis. BUT after saying OK, I got this: SELECTING FOCUSMAX HUB IS NOT PERMITTED. CLICK OK AND CHOOSE NEW FOCUSER.

No, Planner was not in the start menu and I could not find the installer. I think I deleted the installer after many unsuccessful tries. I can see that I should not have done that. My bad (excuse me, but I have always wanted to use this phrase and never had a chance.)

It is interesting to see the comparison between RA and DEC coordinates. Just over 1 min of difference in RA but about 1 degree in DEC.

As to FocusMax, maybe I should run ACP without FocusMax to get more experience first?

I will keep you posted.