Hi again Roger,

Thank you for the compliment!! Just quickly...

Should I reinstall ACP? No - if you reran the installer once to solve the MiniSAC problem, I don't think it will help to reinstall again. And i don't think you will get the "500" error again, either. Also, it's not necessary to have the system fully connected to draw coordinates from the catalog. Just start ACP, click on the Use Web Browser button, open the Live Observing Single image form, type in an object name ("M 33" - with space) and click on Get Coordinates.. If you get "?" marks, the object is below the horizon.

...not been able to get FocusMax to allow me access to the FocusMax hub. Don't you see something like this when you click on the ellipsis? That opens up the ASCOM chooser.
If you don't see this, we'll have to dig a little deeper.

I don't know what's going on with Planner either. I don't think Bob has a "bad list." Planner is an interesting tool, and it is quite useful, especially at the beginning of your experiences using ACP. Maybe Bob can comment here. I take it you didn't find it in Window's Start menu.

The RA and DEC coordinates... Well, I did mention that people who compile catalogs might choose slightly different "centers." Here's what I retrieved from MaxIm for M33 and from Simbad:
cat (1).jpg
They are slightly different sets of coordinates, but that's not to say one is wrong and the other is right. On occasion there can be a really rare but significant error, but these here are both correct. (I don't know who or how the catalog in MaxIm was compiled.)

Hang in there.