Dear Bob,
Thanks for the offer to help with my ACP installation. I left a message on the phone number that you kindly provided.
I have most of ACP working but have the following questions:
1 How can I get the RA and DEC to be provided automatically when I provide the Messier number (for example) with an single image request on the web browser. I currenty get a 500 ACP server page error when I try to do this.
2. Where are my imaging files stored? I looked everywhere and tried to follow your careful explanations. I guess I am not good at following clear instructions.
3. With FocusMax should I specify some kind of ACP hub? I think I heard about this somewhere. Currently, I am using the "generic hub" for focusing, and it seems to work so far.
4. How can I download ACP Planner and install it? I have tried everything 75 times. I no longer have the installer on my computer--or maybe I just don't know where to look.
5. When I have ACP slew to M33, the resulting image is a little bit off-center. Maybe this was necessary in order to get a good guide star?
You have a wonderful program. I am looking forward to using it.
Warmly, Roger