We did the call and I was able to get FocusMax and ACP to talk directly to the AP (rather than going through TheSky). At first I was not able to talk to the AP directly (no COM port or IP address or power off message). I think that's why Steve decided to use TheSky. I validated that TheSky and the Bisque plugin for AP was able to talk to the mount, and thus the COM port was correct and the power was on. In the AP Setup (Chooser > Astro Physics GTO > Preferences), the COM Port was already set correctly. However, I saw a check box "Use ASCOM COM Port". It was unchecked. I don't know what it is there for, but I tried it. Checking it solved the problem. Now ACP and FocusMax are able to connect and share use of the AP mount, the driver's control window becomes available. No hubs or TheSky pass-through needed. I made sure that MaxIm was set to ASCOM Direct and for the AP directly as well, and chacked that it could also connect while FMX and ACP were already connected. Gotta love LocalServer drivers.