Searched but did not see the answer. Maxim 6.21/ACP 8.2/SBIG STL6303E/Gemini rotating focuser/AP 1600 GTO/Planewave 17/ASCOM direct guiding.

In the guider tab, on the left side "auto scope dec" on or off? "Auto pier flip" and "pier flip" on or off? In ACP, "use declination compensation" yes or no? It is my understanding that ACP and Maxim will have a conflict if these are not set correctly. Not quite sure what might have a conflict with what and the settings might be.

Have the guide>settings>advanced have min move of .02, max of .15. It has been suggested that I set the "delay after correction" to a long period like 5"-10", and run a guide exposure of a short period, 1"-3". This make sense?