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    Default Debug Mount versus FocusMax Error


    I am having a problem where the system runs well for say 4, 5, 6h and then there is a pointing error in one of the runs.

    This is after I disabled my rotator (camera manually positioned to zero rotation. I do not need to pick stars to guide properly).

    A log is enclosed.

    In the log the focusing goes astray and the plate solve failed, I assume because of a pointing error. The first few times the all sky solution succeeds, but I think the mount does not synch since the error is > 5 Degrees (APCC criteria).

    If I park the scope the DEC is off about 30 DEG.

    If I manually correct the DEC and run the lost scope script, it corrects with an eror of 1357.9 arc'.

    Not sure why this is happening:

    • My initial worry was a mount error and I checked all the cables and they are loose... and the thing tracks precisely for 4-5h at the start of the night.
    • Maybe there is something in FocuxMax I am missing when I changed the rotator. I will ask Steve.

    I will call George at AstroPhysics (This is a Mach 1 mount)... but they were busy yesterday.

    Any ideas anyone?



    Steve from FocusMax's comment:

    Are you using a pointing model such as TPoint or APC in your system? A short slew of 5 degree resulted in a large pointing error of 400 arc-min (6.7 degree).
    09:13:02 02:13:02 ...Current pointing error = 400.4850 (arc-min)


    After this, on checking ACP settings I got a notice:

    You do not have a rotator configured but you have Guide Sensor Rotated Internal SBIG

    Could this be a factor?
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