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    Default Spurious error: Property write Tracking is not implemented in this driver

    Occasionally, seemingly randomly, I am seeing this error when Scheduler tries to initiate the first autofocus of the night. It causes a dead scheduler, so I have to really watch at the beginning of the night to make sure observing starts as planned.

    If I disconnect the telescope in ACP and then go to the ASCOM configuration (TheSky driver), the "can set tracking" box is checked. Simply reconnecting the telescope to ACP and then enabling Scheduler again results in autofocus and observing starting normally, having changed nothing in the driver setup.

    I searched other threads, and there were suggestions that running a TPoint model would cause this error on a subsequent Scheduler run. I've not run a TPoint model in months. This was on a "fresh" start of all apps (ACP, Scheduler 8.3.2, TheSkyX 10.5.0, MaxIm 6.23, and FocusMax, i.e., these apps weren't left running from the previous night.

    I'm not sure if this is a Scheduler, ACP, or ASCOM bug, but it's a bug. I haven't spotted the pattern yet of when this bug will occur vs. when it will not. I'm sure there's a deterministic cause, but it seems completely random at the moment.

    Log attached.

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