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    Hi Bob,

    I understand from your reply that my comments are not the issue for Peter's current problem.

    My question is about the 30-second delay during dome opening. Unfortunately, my memory of how this delay came to be is really dim, but I know the change was made in the fall of 2018 while I was finishing my own ASCOM dome driver, and someone else was also having a similar problem. Could it have had to do with weather interrupts prior to the era of disabling weather interrupts? You provided a revised scheduler.exe at the time. For my own case, though, I would like that 30-second OpenDome() delay changed back to what was the original 3-second value. Here's what happens.

    When starting up in Scheduler, StartupObs runs as usual. After StartupObs finishes, a few seconds later, or later when weather permits, Scheduler opens the dome. My dome opens in about 7 seconds. The Dome Control Panel in the ACP console stops flashing "Opening" at that time and displays "Open." But in the web browser, Scheduler continues to flash "Opening" and pauses processing for that additional 30 seconds before resuming.

    This is certainly not critical, but it sure is an annoying and useless delay from my point of view. Having written all this out and now reading it back to myself, it seems silly to go on about this. So despite my annoyance, whatever suits your determination about the needs of other users will be okay with me.


    Bob, I don't want to bring up bad memories, so I'm changing my mind. I finally found the origin messages relating to the "blind ignore" of 30 seconds in DomeOpen(). The discussion began on June 4, 2018 with a message from Piyush Patel regarding the Foster Systems dome control. ( It proceeded through several message threads over the course of 5 months to include me, Jerry Yesavage, Ron Crouch, Jon Swift, and Colin Haig. Your definitive response on Nov 28, '18 was here:

    In my own case, I don't believe 3 seconds would be a problem in my driver anymore, but I'm not eager to have you change back to 3 seconds only to find out my dome driver breaks again.
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