Last night ACP didn't write its main log file. Normally it creates a directory for each night in C:\Users\rcroman\Documents\ACP Astronomy\Logs and puts its main log file there, but last night it didn't. It did write other logs (e.g., autofocus).

The only thing I did differently last night was to try AO guiding. That didn't go well. When I first ticked the box in ACP->Preferences->Guiding, ACP crashed unceremoniously when I clicked OK... just vanished. No crash dump (I have those turned on). I re-started and the box was still ticked, and gave AO guiding a go. That also didn't go well, but not ACP's fault... MaxIm crashed. Another re-start and back to regular guiding and imaging, at least until MaxIm locked up and had to be killed, which meant that ACP also had to be killed. Rough night.

Any ideas why ACP would not create the main log directory and file? The DL folks are requesting it to help debug the crash and other lock-ups.