Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply. Yep, understood re weather failures. As previously mentioned, the help file states, "A failed Plan can be automatically rescheduled to run again in the same or another night."

Exactly what settings need to be set to accomplish automatic resubmission on the same night? I find only two that seem to be related, and I have them both enabled:

- Scheduler -> Configure -> Dispatcher -> Resubmit on Weather Failure = true
- Main Scheduler Page -> Prefer failed plans = checked

Re my particular failed plans, I'll refer to my original post. These plans failed due to failed pointing solutions, due to passing clouds. I have about 10 duplicate plans with the same target and observations. Scheduler tried them all in rapid succession, and they all failed for the same reason. I see no downside to Scheduler trying failed plans again on the same night, particularly if it has nothing else to do (which was true in this case... it just went into an idle state with no more jobs to do). So again I need to know what settings to set to accomplish automatic resubmission of failed plans on the same night.