Resubmit on weather failure works. Why it didn't for you could be possibly explained by the plans or observations failing due to other constraints. You'll want to check that out. The scheduler log file can help explain. Get more detail in the log by switching the Log Level on the Scheduler panel to Debug, but make sure in the Configuration you set the Wake Interval to something bigger than zero, like 30 (seconds), or else you will get tens of thousands of lines in the log that will be useless and hard to search through. Debug mode will explain if Plans or Observations fail constraints, which ones and why.

Regarding "another night," when building a Project or Plan using the Astro-Imaging or Single Series web forms, set the Monitor Interval in the Timing section to "1". Even though a plan has failed on the original night, on the next night the plan will be resubmitted as if you had done it manually. Don't worry that the thumbs-down icon is shown in the Schedule Browser - it will be resubmitted. Put a date in the Must Run Before field so your Plan won't run every night forever!


If you already have a Plan in place, use the Scheduler Browser to edit the Plan portion, where you can change the Monitor interval to "1". You can even put in a Must Run Before date to tell Scheduler when to stop daily resets - follow the example date format below exactly - and it's different from the one above. Here's what it looks like:


Note: you may not see "Best Efforts" in your Scheduler Browser Plan display - in my example here I've set up several consecutive Observations (not shown) that are linked and provide a way to make sure some parts of the Plan will be successful until a failure due to a constraint (like the horizon).