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    Default Operator Intervention and Park Issue

    Let me preface this post with the fact that a recent event has taken all my energy and attention so I may not be as focused as usual and miss something even obvious. Bob spent some good time getting my OI script (operator intervention) right to park the mount and close the dome when an OI event took place. I had installed a new Digital Loggers switch (backup) in my bedroom so that in the event should an OI occur the switch would activate an outlet and turn on a light. Up until a few days ago I was thinking that's all it took to prevent OIs from occurring but that proved not to be the case. I've had two since and the 1st, 2 days ago I believe, did as expected and parked the mount and closed the roof.Last night/this morning however wasn't the case. ACP was sitting there this morning waiting for the scope to park, which physically it was, but not acknowledged. So the roof was open until I noticed the issue. I don't think this is an ACP issue as commanding a park from ACP did not result in it parking nor did an attempt to park using the ASCOM driver. Both indicated it was parking although not moving at all. It wasn't until I told APCC to park did it do so successfully and then finish the weather closing. Fortunately my weather station shows no indication of rain last night. I have not looked at either OI log reports, I've been very busy making other arrangements and notifications that have taken my focus and time. I probably shouldn't have Expert running at all at this time.

    My usual nights run is with ACP Expert running and controlling the system. APCC (AP App for their mounts) is running and making pointing corrections etc. This is on a Windows 7 Pro 64 bit system so none of that W10 stuff to interfere with operations. What I can't understand is why only APCC seemed to have any effect on parking the mount when ACP and ASCOM driver didn't. What could be so different? Isn't it the same call to the driver? Does one have higher priority over the other? What can cause a park command not to complete even though it is in the commanded park position? What the attached screen frame doesn’t show is that the mount is in the Park 4 position and not tracking.

    At the time when I noticed this morning the Weather Safety script had started but could not finish due to parking issue. If I remember correctly this morning's OI only happened when the scope indicated it was parked through APCC. That's when the Weather Safety script completed and the OI email was sent....I think.
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