[QUOTE=Ronald Crouch;82877]MS conspires against us all. The KB4549951 installed itself May 14th behind my back and will not uninstall using History.
Also.. The JetComp tool refuses to "compact this version of database". I've tried every available option. I really need to be able to use this tool but Not a clue how to proceed.

My only option is to dig the dome computer out of it's case and swap OS disks to revert to something older.

I'm getting tired of having to be watching my back every night and day from half-baked Windows releases. I'm on the slow boat update tree which is not enough and am considering blocking the MS update servers as a virus.

Painful for me because I setup the Dome electronics for protection from heat and such rather than easy access hands-on.



So I dig out the little NUC, bring inside boot on my backup and once again MS immediately serves up KB4556799. NO WAY to block. Sow Hide updates now gone. One must install then hope that uninstall update from history works which failed on previous disk (probably because a disk cleanup was done).
Basically one cannot install any updates such as anti virus and avoid a known problem. I only have 30 days till MS will force the issue. The good news seems to be that on a PC where an update does actually uninstall one is not pestered to do it again.