Hi Bob, James.

I too have seen these random changes to the Bisque ASCOM 2X mount adaptor with ACP, MaxIm and FocusMax.

If you startup any of the aforementioned and try to connect to the Paramount when it is physically powered-off or the USB cable is disconnected (or there is a software/hardware issue somewhere in the PC-USB-Mount connection).

The next time you startup ACP the settings in the 2x adaptor have changed to can't park and can't find home.

If I have been using FocusMax or MaxIm independently of ACP and/or I have been running different software packages while the Paramount was disconnected then I have to remember to reset the telescope prefs for the Bisque 2X ASCOM adaptor in ACP next time I launch.

I suspect this happens when MaxIm or FocusMax tries to connect to the direct guider interface in the Bisque 2X mount adaptor, finds the mount is missing for some reason and the 2X interface is reset to defaults, but that is just a guess.