I have not used the observatory for a while, but now that the weather is better I decided to first do some software upgrades (always a scary thought :-) ).

Still using ACP 8.2 -- trying 8.3 will come later. But I upgraded Maxim from 6.18 to 6.21 (along with upgrading to the latest versions of APCC and the AP ASCOM driver).

When my startup script tried to run Maxim, Maxim would crash. Finally found that my script was running Maxim from the old "Maxim DL V6" directory (which had the executable for 6.18) rather than the newer "Maxim DL 6" directory (which is where 6.21 got put). So the result was that I had installed 6.21, but the script was still running 6.18 from the wrong place, and the crash was understandable.

Got that fixed (edited my startup script to use the newer Maxim directory), and the system ran fine last night, except for problem#1: The web interface showed no details of the plan that was running (exposure X of Y, etc.), showed no guiding error numbers or graphical XY plot, and even said the camera cooler was off when it was on. Any idea why this was happening?

Problem #2 came up this morning: Doug George made the good suggestion that I uninstall Maxim 6.18 to avoid future confusion. I also still had Maxim 5 installed, so I uninstalled both. After that when I rebooted the PC ACP would not start -- just a dialog box saying "Run-time Error 13". Luckily I was able to do a system restore back to before I uninstalled both Maxim versions, and it is up and running again (with problem #1 still there (missing info on the web display)).

Help is appreciated as always. I am hoping this has been seen before so I don't have to spend hours digging deeper to look for the problem.


- Barry