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    Default [SOLVED] Digital Logger Connection Error

    Hi All,
    Now I'm getting a connection error when the StartupObs script tries to connect to my Digital Logger Switch. The StartupObs script just freezes at this very first section; this is where I want to have the Digital Logger switch on the 120vac power to a 12vdc power supply. It jsut stops, no message, I have to shut down ACP to release everything.

    I've created a small section of the StartupObs script to just work on powering on the Digital Logger switch (120vac) and then using having a RigRunner power on my various pieces of equipment that use 12vdc. The RigRunner section is commented out as it seems to be working fine. It just needs the 12vdc power supply already powered up.

    I've attached two items: The snippet of the StartupObs script I've been workking with and a snip of the ASCOM Device Connection Tester results.

    I can use my browser to connect to the Digital Logger and control the switches but I cannot connect via the ASCOM switch property.

    Looking for suggestions.
    Thanks in advance,
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    Dan Simpson
    Galisteo Observatory
    Santa Fe, NM



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