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    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for taking a look at my script. I'm very happy to say what you did worked and the comments were very helpful.

    The Digital Logger portion worked exactly as planned and, after uncommenting and cleaning up the RigRunner section, the RigRunner now powers on the various other pieces of hardware using the Cscript function. All good, problem solved.

    But, isn't there always a but?, when I tried to carefully paste these changes into the actual StartupObs.js script I'm now getting an error in the Program Startup section. The error reads in the ACP Console Output window:

    Exec: 'FSO' is null or not an object
    "Failed to start APCC"

    I've attached a snip of the message. APCC is the Astro-Physics Command Center program. I'm not seeing anything in the var setup - var FSO; is where I think it should be. I tried commenting out the APCC part but none of the other programs, MaxIm, FocusMax..., will start.

    I've also attached a copy of my current StartupObs.js script. If you or anyone else in the group have the time and energy I would greatly appreciate some expert advice on where I've gone wrong.
    Again, thanks for the help,
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    Dan Simpson
    Galisteo Observatory
    Santa Fe, NM



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