Dan -

ASCOM Dome Control is a poorly named too;l that is part of the Diffraction Limited MaxDome packge, that Diffraction contributed to the ASCOM Platform years ago. It basically allows an ASCOM telescope and dome to sync and slave. The choices for your dome would be SkyRoof and SkyRoofHub. My guess is that the SkyRoofHub is a tool for slaving the dome to an ASCOM Telescope, like the ASCOM Dome COntrol tool. My best guess is SkyRoof, which is probably the driver for the dome controller itself. ACP manages the slaving of the dome rotation. But I think (???) you have a roof and no rotation?

Based on your screen shots (ignore ASCOM Dome!) the SkyRoofHub looks like the one to use. Unsure why SkyRoof clearly croaks on Properties....Set the COM port for the controller and try connecting from ACP. Bu in the end you'll need info from them.