My computer at my remote site died, then I moved to a new place, and I'm now (after four months of not imaging) putting my system back in place.

I have pretty much everything working, individually (TheSkyX; FocusMax (I think), and Maxim). The system guides well with the AO.

So I thought I'd give a go to telling ACP to run something.

And I get the following error message, whether a one-time plan, or a multi-object plan:

500 ACP Active Server Page Error:
ASP script error from ThinScript.ActiveScript: The resource loader failed to find MUI file..

This is a Windows 10 box. The system consists of a Paramount ME mount, 14.5" RCOS, STX-16803/STX guider and filter wheel/AO-X.

Any idea what's causing this, and what I can to to resolve it?