Hi Bob,

By golly, what you describe does work as described. But wiping out the post by refreshing the browser is not typically the way these disappear for me. It's typical that I've written a long reply that takes maybe twenty minutes to construct. In the meantime I've be disconnected. With only guessing this has happened, this is where I save my message in Notepad. Then when I post the reply, it goes to the logon screen, I logon again, and what's shown is a blank screen with no recovery of the post when using the back arrow or other schemes. However, at that point I haven't tried your steps 3,4, and 5. So now I'm waiting for twenty minutes or so to time-out, then will do those to see if it works the same way.

Is this all mediated by "remembering logon?"

Does "Auto-save"stop annunciating when one has been silently disconnected?

EDIT: Yes sir - even after the Comm Center has disconnected me, 3, 4 and 5 will produce the "Restore Auto-Saved Content" button which in turn restores the message. Great to know!! Thanks.

However, when that first blank screen appears after re-logging in, it is pointing to a page something like this
This leads nowhere. Refreshing this page refreshes the blank page. I had to back up to just
http://forums.dc3.com/ and then dive down to the message I was replying to. Then 4 and 5 worked fine.