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    Default Autoflat Crashes the next morning repeating last night's run

    I ran some panelflats yesterday evening, then repeated the run this morning. Same flat plan.

    This morning Autoflat crashed - the console message was "10:14:34 SetJ2000 set - '29.2244680653923' is an invalid value. The valid range is: 0 to 23.9999."

    Clearly something has caused the time to pass the 24 hour mark without being re-normalized. I should add that no other scripts were run in between and the scope had remained pointing at the flat panel since last night.
    I tried slewing the scope and even re-starting ACP but still got the same error. Eventually I ran my ShutdownObs script, then restarted with StartupObs, after which Autoflat worked fine again.
    Obviously there is nothing wrong with the flat plan as it ran through fine last night.

    I've attached the Autoflat log.

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